TV Interview with Lutz Graf-Ulbrich(Lüül): A Life for The Music

Lüül (Lutz Graf-Ulbrich) talks about the beginnings, the ups and downs, the encounters, the drugs, the tour experiences of his musical life with Agitation Free, Ash Ra Tempel, Ashra, Nico, Rocktheater Reineke Fuchs, Neue Deutsche Welle, 17 Hippies. Just click the subtitle button for your language as the interview is in German language. Enjoy!

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In Memoriam Manuel Göttschin

Hello friends
here the official invitation to the event. if you want to come, you can reserve seats under my email address.
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Lutz Lüül Graf-Ulbrich
In memory of Manuel Goettching
Concert and insights into Manuel’s musical work
10 February 8:00 p.m
Theater hall ufaFabrik
admission free
Manuel Göttsching wrote music history as a terrific guitarist and achieved world fame by taking the electric guitar to a new level.
Whether with the Berlin Krautrock pioneers Ash Ra Tempel in the early seventies or a decade later with his proto-techno classic “E2-E4” (recorded December 12, 1981).
In the ufa factory, where Göttsching rehearsed in 1978 with the Ash Ra Temple successor Ashra and recorded the album “Correlations”, a memorial event will be held in his honor on February 10th.
The Danish formation Cirklen, with whom Manuel Göttsching performed his legendary album “Inventions for Electric Guitar” (recorded in 1974) live in Copenhagen and in the Stettin Philharmonic, is coming to Berlin to perform it again. Lutz Lüül Graf-Ulbrich, a longtime musical accompanist since the 1970s, will honor Manuel musically and talk about the early days. At that time, the so-called Berlin School was formed with Manuel Göttsching, Klaus Schulze, Michael Hoenig, Tangerine Dream and Agitation Free in the Electronic Beat Studio. This innovative music later became the seal of quality for musical creativity from Berlin under the term Krautrock. She is also referred to as a pioneer of techno. With Manuel Göttsching, one of their most important protagonists passed away on December 4, 2022.

Manuel Göttsching has died

Actually we wanted to announce news about the re-release of “Early Water”, the musical collaboration of Manuel Göttsching with Michael Hoenig, here. But now Manuel Göttsching has passed away – and suddenly everything is different.

Ash Ra Tempel and Agitation Free once got to know and appreciate each other in the Electronic Beat Studio run by Thomas Kessler. At that time, a collegial relationship with various joint concerts began. Manuel’s furious guitar playing always stood out. And with “Inventions for Electric Guitar” he later created a milestone of instrumental rock music. This led to Lutz Ulbrich joining first Ash Ra Tempel and then Ashra in the mid-seventies. This eventually became a decades-long collaboration. Michael Hoenig also worked with Manuel Göttsching, and so the above-mentioned album “Early Water” was born. With the stroke of genius “E2-E4”, Manuel’s music became a blueprint for techno and led to worldwide fame. Among other things, this led to these three gentlemen being immortalized together in the Tokyo Tower Wax Museum as life-size wax duplicates. Göttsching’s innovative work was characterized by sensual, flowing music played with elegant ease. His unmistakable guitar style creates an intense hypnotic effect and carries you away into warm and relaxed worlds of sound. With Manuel Göttsching one of the most important protagonists of the Berlin School has died – a great musician and wonderful person. But his music lives on …

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