Record Collector, January 2009

4-stars for all 4 Agitation Free releases on Jan issue of Record Collector!

Four fundamental stabs of vintage Krautrock

The West Berlin-based collective`s particular corner of the Krautrock universe juggled diverse elements including tape loops, electronics, acid-rock and meandering jams, while sporting Anglo-American influences including The Greatful Dead, Quicksilver and early Pink Floyd.

Inspired by the band`s Goethe Institute-sponsored visit to Egypt, Malesch`s jigsaw-like mosaic of left-field experimentation, world music elements and psychedelic jams originally surfaced in 1972 and is here reissuded (as are the other AF titles) complete with bonus tracks and sleevenotes.
Released the following year on Vertigo.

2nd refines the stylistic blueprint of the first album and, in haunted Island, included the band`s only bona fide “song”, as based on Edgar Allen Poe`s Dreamtime.
Originally released in France on Barclay two years after the band had broken up.

Last features material from 1973, 74 and (counting the bonus material) 1971. It includes the epic Looping IV, a breathtaking 22-minute blend of tape loops and live improvisation. Previously available as a much sought-after bootleg.

Live `74 captures AF at their their trippiest, showcasing their control of dynamics without the studio safety net.

Graham Bent

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