To the delight of many vinyl collectors around the world all AGITATION FREE recordings of the early 1970’s will be rereleased as LPs by theGerman label MIG (Made in Germany).

First available is their debut album “Malesch” – originally released in 1972. The critics called it a “classic of German prog rock, and as such is still absolutely worth listening to” and a “beautiful debut of the band that is among the best of Krautrock”. “An interesting mix of psychedelic rock improvisations, electronic sound experiments, jazz rock passages and ethnic influences. A very dense, varied album with ‘spacey’ guitars and majestic keyboards, but also very rhythmic, jazzy passages ” (

“Malesch” was remastered and re-released in 2008. This restored version now appears on vinyl …. And somehow the band – even in 2012 – feels a little proud about it.

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