New Agitation Free album “Momentum” brings back an experimental rock legend

The pioneers of German experimental rock music, Agitation Free, are making a groundbreaking return with a long-awaited album titled “Momentum,” set to be released on November 24, 2023, through the MIG Music label based in Hannover, Germany
The band, which in the early 70s presented a unique fusion of improvised rock, electronics, ethno, jazz, world, and trance elements, has once again showcased their creative brilliance.
Originally founded in Berlin, Agitation Free quickly established itself as a leading representative of the so-called “Berlin School” of experimental German rock music. The band ventured into the world of free instrumental improvisations as early as 1967 when it was considered almost exotic. In 1972, the band achieved cult status with their album “Malesch,” a unique combination of improvised rock music and diverse musical influences from avant-garde and world music.
The extensive live activities of the band earned them growing recognition across Europe. Highlights included performances in the cultural program of the 1972 Munich Olympics, a three-week tour through the Middle East, covering Egypt, Lebanon, Cyprus, and Greece, as well as successful tours in France and their participation in the “German Rock Super Concert” in Frankfurt in May 1973.
Although Agitation Free temporarily disbanded in the mid-70s, the members reunited after nearly 35 years to perform a series of concerts in Tokyo in their original 1974 lineup. A live album from this tour, “Shibuya Nights,” became a musical theme for many concerts, including those in London, Manchester, Paris, Berlin, and the prestigious “Burg-Herzberg” festival.
The significance of the band extends beyond their own music. Several members paved the way for other legendary German musicians and bands. Christopher Franke contributed to the global recognition of Tangerine Dream, Michael Hoenig collaborated with Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream before finding success as a film composer in Hollywood. He worked as a producer and composer with artists such as Philip Glass, Jack Nitzsche, Harold Budd, Joan LaBarbara, and many others. Burghard Rausch played with Bel Ami (“Berlin Bei Nacht”), and Lutz “Lüül” Ulbrich joined Ash Ra Tempel/Ashra, performed with singer Nico, achieved worldwide success with the 17 Hippies, and produced award-winning works as a singer-songwriter since the 80s. He is a prominent part of the German live music scene, both as a solo artist and with his own band.
In the lineup of Michael Hoenig (keyboards, synthesizers, electronic percussion), Burghard Rausch (drums, electronic percussion), Lutz Graf-Ulbrich (guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo), Gustl Lütjens (guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals), and Daniel Cordes (bass, synthesizer), “Momentum” presents a contemporary interpretation of their iconic sound. This studio album is an impressive testament to the band’s ongoing innovation and their influence on music history.
The album “Momentum” will be available on November 24, 2023, through MIG Music. Fans and music enthusiasts can embark on a journey through the fascinating world of Agitation Free and experience the legacy of one of the most significant bands in the German music scene.
“Momentum” will be available on CD, digital and 2LP: There will also be a colored double vinyl, limited to 1,000 copies worldwide. Each vinyl has a different color, which one you get is left to chance!

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