Daniel Cordes

Daniel „Danda“ Cordes was born in 1964 in Mannheim. He lives in Berlin since 1971, where he studied Jazz / Double Bass at the famed “Universität der Künste” with Sigi Busch, David Friedman and Jerry Granelli.

He is a multiple winner of the annual Berlin Studio Award with bands like “Jazz Indeed”, “Welcome To The Maze” or the vocal ensemble “Mosaiq”. He has been working with saxophonist Claas Willeke, Sönke Düwer’s “Ensemble du Verre”, pianist Julia Hülsmann, the unique vocalist Michael Schiefel, the electronic duo “Sun Electric”, avantgarde guitar player “Yref”, sound artist Sam Auinger as well as with the actor Maren Kroymann, Jazz Echo winner Celine Rudolph, the singer Daniel Mattar, the exceptional singer/performer Hilde Kappes and Ute Kannenberg (Tanja Berg).

He co-composed with Claas Willeke the multimedia work “Symphony from a Wilde World”, an avantgarde project between electroacoustic sounds, light projections, live ensemble and electronica.

Danda is a very experienced Jazz player covering a wide range from traditional standard and free improvised music to groove orientated jazz rock and Avantgarde. His musical background was strongly influenced by artrock, progrock and off course krautrock during the 70ies.

Since 2009 Danda has been working with the world music ensemble “17 Hippies”, touring Europe, USA, China, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Mexico. In this context he met Lutz „Lüül“ Graf-Ullbrich and their intense work and deep musical understanding made him join the “Lüül-Band” in 2011 and “Agitation Free” in 2012.

Currently Danda is collaborating a.o. with guitarist Rüdiger Krause in his trio „Electric Krause“, accordion virtuosa Cathrin Pfeifer and author Wiglaf Droste.


  • Welcome To The Maze: (PUZZLE) 1995
  • Jazz Indeed: UNDER WATER (1996)
  • Willekes Wille: (WILDE SCHÖNE WELT) 1997
  • Claas Willeke & Danda Cordes: SYMPHONIE AUS DER WILDEN WELT (1999)
  • Ute Kannenberg: (KANNENBERG ON PURPOSE) (2000)
  • Mosaïq: MOVIN’ (2002)
  • Mattar: DEBUT (2003)
  • Ensemble du Verre: FACING TRANSPARENT (2004)
  • Ensemble du Verre: SING ME SOMETHING (2005)
  • Ensemble du Verre: SANCTUARY FOR ANIMALS (2008)
  • Hilde Kappes (HAUT MIT) 2009
  • Electric Krause: ELECTRIC KRAUSE (2011)
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